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Blog - April, 2023

How Will Electronic Components Drive the Future of Automotive

Post auf April 28, 2023
The automotive landscape is changing as the industry moves towards a more electrified future. While the shift to electric vehicles is the most visible change in the automotive landscape, there are other, less obvious ones, such as the electronic components industry that supports and enables electric vehicles. The growing reliance on electronic components is driving innovation across the industry.

How AI and ML are Transforming the Semiconductor Industry

Post auf April 25, 2023
How AI and ML are Transforming the Semiconductor Industry

Counterfeit Electronic Components Are Attacking the Electronics Supply Chain

Post auf April 24, 2023
In 2022, ERAI reported a total of 768 suspect counterfeit and nonconforming parts showing a marked increase over the last three years.

Heisener Electronics: The Reliable Resource for Hard-To-Find, Obsolete, Franchised, and Shortage Components & ICs

Post auf April 17, 2023
Heisener Electronics can easily find outdated, franchised and under-supplied ics.Heisener Electronics, an international one-stop electronic component procurement service provider, has become a reliable place to look for electronic components that are hard to find in the market. Heissener's complete supply system, large inventory and efficient logistics network make Heisener one of the best resources for purchasing electronic components. The company was founded in 2014 and has rapidly grown into a leading brand in the industry. We are a trusted partner for electronic merchants