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2022-12-01, ON Semiconductor multiphase mobile CPU synchronization step-down controller

The ADP3210 is a high efficiency, multiphase, synchronous, buck−switching regulator controller optimized for converting notebook battery voltage into the core supply voltage of high performance Intel processors. The part uses an internal 7−bit DAC to read Voltage Identification (VID) code directly from the processor that sets the output voltage. The phase relationship of the output signals can be configured for 1−, 2−, or 3−phase operation, with interleaved switching.

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2022-12-01, Vishay has introduced a new line of compact, high volume/high voltage combined screw joint aluminum capacitors

Vishay Intertechnology announced the launch of a new series of screw joint aluminum electrolytic capacitors ---- 202 PML-ST, which is convenient for designers to store higher energy in a smaller space. The ripple current of the electrolytic capacitors is up to 49.6 A, the ESR is as low as 2 mW, and the service life is up to 10000 hours

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2022-12-01, Analog Devices Fault-Protected Analog Multiplexers

The ADG508F/ADG509F can withstand continuous voltage inputs from −40 V to +55 V. When a fault occurs due to the power supplies being turned off, all the channels are turned off and only a leakage current of a few nanoamperes flows.

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2022-12-01, Texas Instruments offers linear regulators with low dropout rates

The UC385 is a low dropout linear regulator providing a quick response to fast load changes. Combined with its precision onboard reference, the UC385 excels at driving GTL and BTL buses. Due to its fast response to load transients, the total capacitance required to decouple the regulator's output can be significantly decreased when compared to. The total capacitance required to decouple the regulator's output can be significantly decreased when compared to standard LDO linear regulators.

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2022-12-01, Energy efficient, accurate CV/CC switcher Adapters and chargers

LinkSwitch II greatly simplifies the design of low power CV/CC chargers by eliminating optical couplers and secondary control circuits. The device introduces a revolutionary control technology to provide very strict output voltage and current regulation, and the compensation transformer and internal parameter tolerance vary with the input voltage.

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2022-12-01, Combined with innovative circuit design technology IDT71V416

The IDT71V416 is a 4,194,304 bit high-speed static RAM, organized at 256K x 16. It is manufactured using IDT's high-performance, highly reliable CMOS technology. Packaged in a 44-pin, 400 mil plastic SOJ and a 44-pin, 400 mil TSOP Type II package and 48-ball mesh array in a 9mm x 9mm package

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2022-12-01, Fail-safe, high speed (10Mbps), rotary rate limit RS-485/RS-422 transceiver

The MAX3080-MAX3089 high speed transceiver for RS-485/RS-422 communication contains a driver and a receiver. All devices have 1/8 cell load receiver input impedance, allowing up to 256 transceivers on the bus. MAX3082 MAX3085 / MAX3088 for half duplex communication, and MAX3080 / MAX3081 / MAX3083 / MAX3084 MAX3086 / MAX3087 for full-duplex communication. The MAX3089 can be selected between half duplex and full duplex. It also features a separate programmable receiver and emitter output phase through separate pins.

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2022-11-30, The latest PCIe 3.0 packet switchers come out of Diodes

Diodes will introduce its latest PCIe 3.0 packet switcher DIODES PI7C9X3G1224GP. This product is a high-performance 12 port, 24 channel device that can be used for edge computing, data storage devices, communication infrastructure, and integrated into host bus adapters (HBAs), industrial controllers, and network routers

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2022-11-30, KEMET polymer electrolytic capacitors provide very low ESR and improve capacitance retention at high frequencies.

KEMET organic capacitor (KO-CAP) is a solid electrolytic capacitor with conductive polymer cathode, which can provide very low ESR and improve capacitance retention at high frequencies. KO-CAP combines the low ESR of multilayer ceramics, the high capacitance of aluminum electrolysis and the volumetric efficiency of tantalum into a single surface mount package.

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2022-11-30, Vishay's advanced power MOSFET transistors are ideal for applications requiring limited heat dissipation

Power MOSFET technology is the key to Vishay's advanced power MOSFET transistor production line. The efficient geometry and unique processing realization of this latest "art state" design: extremely low on state resistance combined with high transconductance; Superior reverse energy and diode recovery dV/dt capability. They are very suitable for applications requiring limited heat dissipation, such as computers and peripherals, telecommunications equipment, dc to dc converters and a wide range of consumer products.

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2022-11-30, Diode Company's fast transient 3.5A step-down converter

PAM2325 is a 3.5A buck synchronous converter. 1.2MHz switching frequency allows the use of small external components. The ultra small 2mm x 2mm footprint and high efficiency make PAM2325 an ideal choice for portable applications. The rated temperature range is - 40 ° C to+85 ° C.

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2022-11-30, Extension to Ringing SLIC series developed by Renesas Electronics

RSLIC18 series ring subscriber line interface circuit (RSLIC) supports analog ordinary telephone service (POTS) and is suitable for short and medium loop length, wireless and wired applications. This series of products are very suitable for remote user units, providing designers with the flexibility of high ringing voltage and low power consumption system requirements.

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2022-11-30, Allegro MicroSystems rate-sensitive Hall-Ef ALect switch

The A3211 and A3212 integrated circuits are ultra-sensitive, extremely independent Hall effect switches with latched digital outputs. These devices are particularly suited for operation in battery-powered handheld devices such as cellular and cordless phones, pagers, and handheld computers. They use advanced CMOS technology to take advantage of low voltage and low power consumption

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2022-11-30, Linear Technology High Linearity, Low Power Downconverting Mixer

The LT5525 is a low power broadband mixer optimized for high linearity applications such as point-to-point data transmission, high performance radios and wireless infrastructure systems

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2022-11-29, NXP launched high-performance S32K39 series MCU to support new generation of electrification applications

NXP Semiconductor announced the launch of the new S32K39 family of Automotive Microcontrollers (MCUS) optimized for electric vehicle (EV) control applications. The high-speed, high-resolution control of the new generation of S32K39 MCU improves energy efficiency and provides a smoother EV driving experience while extending driving range to meet future electrification needs

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2022-11-29, The car class ldo has configurable output voltage and diagnostic functions

STMicroelectronics' AEK-POW-LDOV01J and AEK-POW-LDOV01S are evaluation boards based on the L99VR01JTR and L99VR01STR. They can be used in several electronic applications, such as microcontroller supplies, automotive display drivers, sensors, and infotainment processors.