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1.5A Dual input USB/AC Adapter charger and smart Power selector

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Nach Datum: 2023-03-20, Maxim Integrated

The MAX8677C is an integrated 1 unit Li+ charger and smart Power selector with dual power inputs (DC and USB). Available in 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin TQFN-EP package. It can use separate input power supplies from USB and AC adapters, or accept both from a single input power supply.

Pin Configuration


The MAX8677C features a smart power selector to take full advantage of limited USB or adapter power. The battery charging current and input current limit are set to 1.5A and 2A respectively. The unused input power of the system charges the battery. The USB input current can be set to 100mA or 500mA. Automatic input selector switch system load from battery to external power supply.

Typical Operating Circuit


Additional features include overvoltage protection (OVP), charge status and fault output, power ok monitor, charge timer and battery thermistor monitor. In addition, the heat limit on the chip reduces the battery charge rate to prevent overheating. And all power switches used to charge and switch loads between the battery and the external power supply are included on the chip. No external MOSFETs are required.

Block Diagram



● Pdas, PDAs and wireless handheld devices

● Smart phone

● Portable media /MP3 player

● GPS navigation

● Digital camera

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