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14-bit non-contact digital Angle sensor with ABZ and UVW incremental output

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Nach Datum: 2023-01-13, Microchip Technology

The MA330 detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet (usually a radially magnetized cylindrical permanent magnet) on the axis of rotation. Its fast data acquisition and processing capabilities provide accurate Angle measurements at 0-60,000 RPM. In servo applications, the performance of the control loop can be optimized by adjusting the digital filter


Product characteristic

● 9-bit to 14-bit resolution absolute Angle encoder

● Non-contact, long life

● SPI serial interface for digital Angle reading and chip configuration

● It has the incremental 12-bit ABZ orthogonal encoder interface of 1-1024 programmable pulses per turn

● UVW interface with 1-8 pole pair emulation function

Programmable magnetic field strength test for diagnostic tests

● 3.3V power supply, low to 12mA static current

● -40°C to +125°C operating temperature

● QFN-16 (3mmx3mm) package

The MA330 supports a wide range of magnetic field strengths and spatial configurations. Both coaxial and off-axis (side mount) configurations are supported.

The MA330 features a threshold programmable magnetic field strength detection capability to sense the position of the magnet in relation to the sensor, expanding support for more applications such as sensing axial displacement or for system diagnostics such as magnet installation failure.


• Brushless DC motor servo driver

• Motor reversing

• Motor speed and position control

• Robot

The single chip nonvolatile memory is used to store configuration parameters, including reference zero Angle position, ABZ encoder Settings, UVW polar simulation Settings, and magnetic field detection thresholds.

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