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Microchip expands its safety certification IC product line

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Nach Datum: 2023-03-17, Microchip Technology

Embedded security remains a top priority, and architects need security solutions that are vetted, easy to use, cost optimized, and in line with industry best practices. In order to provide a comprehensive embedded security solution to architects, Microchip Technology Inc. announced the expansion of its security authentication product line with the launch of six new products in the CryptoAuthentication™ and CryptoAutomotive™ IC families. These products comply with Common Standard Joint Interpretation Library (JIL) highly rated secure key stores and support authentication algorithms that comply with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

This portfolio of security authentication devices lowers barriers to entry and enables product developers targeting new market segments and applications to implement trusted authentication to prevent counterfeiting, improve quality control and safeguard user experience. With counterfeit products prevalent in many industries, the need to implement embedded trust in many designs becomes critical.

These devices are supported by the Trust Platform Design Suite. This is a specialized software tool used to connect IC products to Microchip's security key supply service. This scalable service can provide crypto assets for projects of almost any size, from dozens of devices to large-scale deployments across multiple industries, such as single-use consumer and medical supplies, automotive and industrial parts ecosystems, wireless charging, and data centers.

"Designers of cost-sensitive applications, who may have limited or no security certifications, can now leverage our newly launched security product to add this critical feature," said Nuri Dagdeviren, corporate vice president of Microchip's Security Computing Business Unit. Microchip has been committed to developing leading edge, cost-optimized security products that support a wide range of end applications."

Microchip has added five new products to its existing range of CryptoAuthentication IC products. These IC products are hardware-based secure storage designed to keep secret keys hidden from unauthorized attackers.

●ECC204: ECC-P256 Signature and Hash-based Message Verification Code (HMAC)

●ECC206: Double pin parasitic power supply, ECC-P256 signature and HMAC

●SHA104: client SHA256 MAC

●SHA105: indicates the host SHA256 CheckMAC

●SHA106: Double pin parasitic power supply and client SHA256 MAC

The sixth new device is designed for the automotive market. The TA010 with the ECC signature and HMAC is a CryptoAutomotive IC with AEC-Q100 Level 1 certification, enabling Oems to implement safety certification in their designs without costly modifications and to meet the safety requirements of future updated models.

Microchip's security products are compatible with any microprocessor (MPU) or single chip microcomputer (MCU) and can be used as companion devices to Microchip's AVR® MCU and Arm® kern-based MPUs and MCUS. These security certified IC products provide customers with versatile solutions that conform to evolving industry standards and practices.

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