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TDK offers complete ESD protection for USB-C with ultra-compact TVS diodes

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Nach Datum: 2023-05-19, TDK Corporation

TDK has introduced an ultra-compact TVS diode for ESD protection applications with USB-C ports and other high-speed ports. TVS diodes with ultra-low parasitic capacitance and low clamp voltage are especially needed for ESD protection applications with high-speed interfaces (Tx/Rx) such as USB-C that comply with the USB4 (Version 1) specification and transfer speeds up to 40 Gbit/s.


The new B74111U0033M060 and B74121U0033M060 components have parasitic capacitances of 0.48pF and 0.65pF respectively at 1MHz, clamp voltages of only 3.8V or 3.9V, and ITLP of 8 A, which do not interfere with signal integrity, making them ideal for such applications. These TVS diode protection devices are designed for ESD discharge up to 15 kV and come in ultra-compact WLCSP 01005 and WLCSP 0201 flat structure packages with heights of 100µm and 150µm, respectively, for easy integration into USB-C SIP modules.

Power cable VBUS (CC/SBU) provides A maximum transmission power of 100 W when the voltage is less than 20 V and the current is less than 5 A. Therefore, safe ESD protection is essential. In view of this, TDK has specially introduced two new components, B74121G0160M060 and B74121G0200M060. They offer maximum operating voltages of 16 V and 20 V, clamp voltages of 23 V and 27 V (at 8 A ITLP), capacitance values of 6 pF and 5 pF, and high linearity and nominal ESD contact discharge voltages of up to 15 kV.

The new B74111U0055M060 and B74121U0055M060 components have a maximum DC voltage of 5.5V and are suitable for USB-C (D+ / D-) conventional USB2.0 data bus. Their clamping voltages are 3.9V and 4.0V (at 8 A ITLP), designed ESD discharge voltages up to 15 kV, and the case design and height match the applicable interface type. In addition, they offer a compact WLCSP 0201 profile design up to 150µm in height

Due to different requirements, a complete ESD protection for USB-C requires a total of three different types of TVS diodes. In addition to USB-C, the new components are also widely used in ESD protection applications for other high-speed interfaces such as Thunderbolt, HDMI, DisplayPort, FireWire, DVI, S-ATA, or SWP/NFC. And typical end-devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables or networking components.


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